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For some of you out there it may seem a puzzle that so many of us find it difficult to gain weight. Maybe you diet day in day out and after several weeks of continuously feeling hungry, you're gutted to discover you've only lost a pound or two, or even worse gained a few pounds. Well, my sympathies are with you honestly, because when it comes to gaining weight, putting on muscle mass, for some of us the challenge is every bit as difficult.

Well, over the years I think I've come up with a few options that 'hardgainers' will find deliver results, rapidly, consistently and are almost guaranteed to work for 100% of us. The cornerstone is a a good weight gain supplement, a good basic diet, and a few techniques to make the whole process easy to follow, easy to stick to and incredibly easy.

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Can I drink alcohol?. Probably one of the most frequently asked questions asked by the physique and figure folks who are relatively new to the gym and want to explore how much they have to sacrifice in order to obtain that body they've always wanted. Your more experienced gym goers dont ask because the answer is obvious isnt it?

Well if you're one of those people who think alcohol is off the menu if you want to lose body fat then you may be in for a pleasant shock. Not only can you drink, but you can drink a surprising amount and still create that perfect body so long as you follow a few simple 'rules'.

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Question: I have done a lot of study in diets and nutrition but to this day I have not been able to get any concrete evidence on what happens with excess protein in the body and I?m hoping you can help.

To make things simple, lets take a theoretical diet consisting of 5000 calories of pure protein for a 60kg, 175cm female.

Many people claim that excess protein will get wasted while others say that all excess calories eventually end up being stored as fat.

I have done my own research on the breakdown of protein into amino acids and I understood it as: some of the amino acids are wasted while others will go through the cycle of conversion and will still be used by the body for energy.

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By Lyle McDonald:

Ok, so this series got a little out of control; what can I tell you, I have a lot to say on the topic of dietary protein as a function of having written The Protein Book.

I've covered a lot of information ranging from the somewhat technical/theoretical (speed of digestion) to very practical (micro-nutrient content, fatty acid content) in an attempt to answer the question what are good sources of protein?

In this final part, I want to cover a few other issues that go into answering that question (that didn't require a full-blown article of their own) and then I'll finish by presenting a summary table where I'll attempt to put everything from this entire series into a comparable perspective.

In What Are Good Sources of Protein: Introduction, I included a short list of other important factors such as effects on appetite and blood sugar that I already addressed in previous parts of this series so I won't touch on them here. The issues I do want to touch on are availability, the actual protein content, and cost.

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By Lyle McDonald:

In What are good sources of protein : Amino Acid Profile Part 1, I examined the issue of amino acid profile, primarily as it relates to general health and wellness.  My basic conclusion, based on the research is that basically any high quality protein source (and this is eminently true in the modern world where people get plenty of protein from mixed sources along with lots of total calories) more than adequately meet the amino acid requirements of adult humans.

Today, I want to continue that by looking at some issues specific to athletes and those involved in heavy exercise training.  It's fairly well established that athletes need more protein than sedentary individuals although there is still great argument over just how much is needed.

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